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A Long Weekend & New Song

I am not sure what kind of virus I picked up last week, but it sure knocked me for a loop. It didn't cause any cold-like symptoms such as a runny noise, cough, or chest pain. I know it wasn't the flu because the doctor tested me for that. It is on the way out, but I still feel tired and drained and will probably sleep a lot tomorrow after daily Mass. I was drifting through the television stations tonight and found someone singing a song called "Where No One Stands Alone." I wasted no time in downloading it from Itunes. It has great lyrics about wanting to be in that place where no one stands alone. I found a YouTube video of the Gaither Vocal Band performing it. There were all kinds of other artists (including Elvis Presley) who have performed it, but I liked the Gaither version the best.  Have a great week. The video is below.