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Great Reflection From The Word Among Us

He had to become like his brothers in every way. (Hebrews 2:17) My children, do not be afraid. You don’t have to fear anything, for I am with you always. Not even death itself should hold you in fear. Remember who I am. Remember what I have done for you. And don’t be afraid. Remember, my children, that in the garden of Gethsemane I was so anxious that I sweat drops of blood. Yet I prayed, “Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet, not as I will, but as you will” (Matthew 26:39). I was put to the ultimate test and tempted to turn away from God’s plan for my life—a plan that included my agonizing death for your salvation. Yes, I was afraid, but I did not let my fear rule me. And because I continued to trust in my Father, not only was I set free from death, I am now able to free everyone who is bound by fear and anxiety. So do not worry. I have destroyed the power of death! My children, when you find yourself fearful and apprehensive, please stop and turn to me. Tak

Joke Someone Sent Me

There was a Scottish painter named Smokey MacGregor who was very interested in making a penny where he could, so he often thinned down his paint to make it go a wee bit further.    As it happened, he got away with this for some time, but eventually the local church decided to do a big restoration job on the outside of one of their biggest buildings. Smokey put in a bid, and, because his price was so low, he got the job.    So he set about erecting the scaffolding and setting up the planks, and buying the paint and, yes, I am sorry to say, thinning it down with turpentine.........    Well, Smokey was up on the scaffolding, painting away, the job nearly completed, when suddenly there was a horrendous clap of thunder, the sky opened, and the rain poured down washing the thinned paint from all over the church and knocking Smokey clear off the scaffold to land on the lawn among the gravestones, surrounded by telltale puddles of the thinned and useless paint. S