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The Gift of Tongues

I am incredibly grateful for the teaching and instruction I received through our college prayer group while attending the University of Idaho. Shortly after my first year, the prayer group sponsored a Life in the Spirit Seminar. Our small group leader was a senior who took the time to meet with each person in our group before the 5th session when we were prayed over for a release of the Holy Spirit. I remember having a bit of apprehension about one particular gift: the gift of tongues. He told me to be open to whatever the Lord wanted to give me.  Sometime after the prayer for  Baptism in the Holy Spirit, I was kneeling by my bed in my dorm room and something came out of my mouth that I didn't understand. That was the beginning of receiving and using the gift of tongues. While St. Paul says it is the "least of the gifts", it has been incredibly helpful to me. It wasn't long before I realized that I could sing in tongues and that is always a powerful experience.  I