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Great Readings For Advent

I hope that you're having a blessed Advent and that everything is going well as you prepare for Christmas.  The Church sets before us a great "feast" of Scripture readings during the Advent season. There are also some great reflections in the Office of Readings from the Liturgy of the Hours.  Today there was a powerful reflection from one of my favorite devotionals, The Imitation of Christ . This timeless devotional has been a great inspiration for many of our Saints!  Here is the reading for today:  Do not worry about who is and is not on your side: simply make sure that God is with you in all you do. Have a clear conscience, and God will defend you. For if God chooses to help you, no malice can do you harm. If you know how to suffer in silence, without doubt you will receive the help of the Lord. He knows when and how he will free you, so resign yourself into his care. It is for God to give help and give freedom from trouble. For the sake of humility it