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Updates Coming!

This has been a very busy summer and I am looking forward to my vacation which will begin a week from today. I will be joining my parents for a fishing trip on Vancouver Island. We won't be returning to Tofino, BC but are going to try a new fishing spot on the north side of the island.  I have couple of things today I need to tend to but will hopefully find time this afternoon to do an extensive blog. I need to spend some time in prayer and try and figure out how and what to share about a recent presentation I attended. I am going to be making a number of changes to how I pastor the parish with the hopes of applying some clarifications the Lord is giving me on what activities are necessary and which give Him glory and those that are simply distractions from the enemy. Let's just say there are many distractions. We live in very exciting times and I hope all of my brothers and sisters are taking adequate time for prayer and reflection. The Lord has direction and graces for th