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Good King Wenceslaus!

Today is the memorial of St. Wenceslaus. He was a remarkably faith-filled man who didn't use his privileged birth into a noble family to exploit people but to serve Christ and promote a peaceful and just society. Sadly, his mother had his beloved Grandmother, St. Ludmila killed. She was a great influence in passing the faith unto him and this must have been incredibly heart-wrenching, especially since it was right after his father's death.  Below you will find a brilliant homily given by Pope Benedict XVI that gives a little more background about why St. Wenceslaus is so beloved and how he found his way into one of our favorite Christmas hymns!  With so much disappointment and cynicism in our day and age surrounding politics and politicians, here is a man whose faith made him very different. Let's pray for the same miraculous grace to conquer our own hearts allowing us to bring the goodness of Christ into our own everyday lives and to never repay evil for evil but to ov