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Day 1 & 2 Witamy w Polsce! (Welcome To Poland!)

Day 1 & 2 (Travel And Arrival in Warsaw) We made it to Frankfurt and are waiting for our departure to Warsaw. The flight was smooth and landed on time.  I was so grateful the passenger who was supposed to occupy the window seat moved to another seat further up in the plane which allowed my mom and I to use the middle seat for extra space. Even though I have had the privilege of traveling a lot, I am still fascinated by air travel. I watch the planes from the Seattle/Tacoma airport nearly every evening as they come and go from my upstairs window in the rectory.  I was able to make a visit to the Boeing Museum of Flight on my birthday last fall and learned a lot about the history of air travel. We flew to Frankfurt on a Boeing 747 and I found out during my visit to the BMF that they are no longer going to be making passenger 747 planes anymore as they are no match for the twin engine 777 and 787 when it comes to fuel efficiency. Here is an article I found which highlights