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Travel, Taxes, and Theology

I should be working on a number of things but I feel like I am at the end of my rope for the day and have decided to try and retire early and get up very early for a very busy day. In April I knew I was going to get a refund on my taxes and with all the talk of tax fraud, I simply chose to file for an automatic extension. If it hadn't been for the Mass yesterday with the reference to the "tax collector" I think I would have totally forgotten to get that done. It shouldn't take me too long to complete my tax return, thanks to TurboTax. In 2002 I filed for an extension and unfortunately, my Grandmother, Edna Martinson, was dying and passed away on August 16, 2002. I completely forgot about the extension and got a heavy fine for being late. That isn't going to happen as I will get the return filed tomorrow before midnight. I am planning on leaving early in the morning for the Tri-Cities. I am the State Chaplain for the Catholic Daughters of the Americas and will