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Homily Posted

I just finished podcasting the homily for this weekend's Mass. I did it from home as our deacon, José Blakely, gave a fine homily and suggested some ways to increase our relationship with Christ. Total Time: 11min40sec

Everything Should Be Working

I think I have everything working now with the new blog and subscribing for updates. There is a subscribe by email widget on the side of this post. Fill that out and validate it. Unlike WordPress, Blogger will only send notifications out in a two hour  period each day. I have chosen for the notifications to go out every morning from 7AM-9AM. This is a little more restrictive than the WordPress which sent out an email for each post that I blogged. Perhaps this is a safety feature for me to avoid what happened a couple of weeks ago when I blogged about something and wanted to erase it! It was too late! (Kind of like Ray Stevens' song The Streak with Ethel in the fruits and vegetables section...not sure any of you will remember this, but what the heck!) You can also subscribe to the RSS feed which would be updated with every post. But you need a reader or other program to use that. Have a great day!

Troubleshooting Follow By Email

I have had to spend sometime figuring out how to set-up the follow by email widget on my blog so that people can sign-up and be notified of changes. This is a test email to see if it is working properly.

Beautiful Day in Western Washington

Just making my way around town today and noticing a beautiful view of the snow-capped Olympic Mountains. This makes all the rainy days worthwhile around here.

Must Read From The Word Among Us

I am about to go over and celebrate Mass. I just read today's reflection from the Word Among Us. It's excellent. I know most of us compare ourselves to others all of the time. The reflection steers us in being more interested in focusing on what God asks of us rather than being discouraged or inflated by pride at seeing what other people are doing. Here is the reflection: “This poor widow put in more than all the rest.” (Luke 21:3) We so often concern ourselves with calculations and comparisons. We weigh the advantages and dis­advantages of a course of action. We look over our shoulders to see what someone else is pledging to the capital campaign or bringing to the parish potluck dinner. We sometimes burden our children by comparing their accomplishments with those of their older siblings. Jesus knows his disciples also engage in comparisons, but he invites them to revise their calcula­tions. No, the widow’s “two small coins” can’t objectively compare with the much


It was a busy but good weekend. It's hard to believe Advent starts next weekend.  I will be away conducting a retreat for men and women at the Alexander J. Brunett retreat center at the Palisades next weekend. I will spend the next two days finalizing the talks and burning resource CD's for participants. I will post the presentations online as usual and this time I am going to create audio recordings of all the talks. I will be incorporating more music this year in the presentations. Later today I will record a podcast of some reflections from yesterday's readings. Our newly ordained deacon, José Blakely, delivered a great homily during all of the Masses. I would still like to share a few thoughts especially since Christ the King was a very important day for me growing up within Christ the King parish in Richland.  I will send out the Daily Thought  in a few minutes. I missed yesterday because it was so busy.  Have a great week!