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Update from Archbishop Sartain on Affordable Care Act

The Chancery from the Archdiocese sent out an update you might find helpful on the Affordable Care Act. You can view it by clicking here.

Powerful Reflection from Today's Magnificat

The reflection in today's Magnificat was from the Jesuit priest, Fr. Alfred Delp. I have used some of his writings for retreats and he is a powerful witness for Christ who was exterminated by the Nazis. Like Pope Benedict XVI his style is very "German". For the most part, I have found the Germans to be painfully blunt which is very refreshing. I believe what he shares in the reflection below is EXACTLY what is happening in our country and world today. False systems of power and security based on human doing and understanding are being crafted with the DELIBERATE attempt to shut God out. Our world is on the sifting sand Fr. Delp so powerfully describes. The collapse is IMMINENT and as predicted by the Lord it will catch the vast majority of people off guard. Life without God is HELL. Here is the reflection: For present-day humanity is sick and incapable of handling its affairs-it can no longer cope with life. So a new approach is necessary, a more intensive method.