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God speaks in the silence of the heart, and we listen. And then we speak to God from the fullness of our heart, and God listens. And this listening and this speaking is what prayer is meant to be.... - Mother Teresa

Priest Support Group/Eucharistic Encounters with the Lord

I have a funeral and then will be heading down to Lacey for my monthly priest support group gathering. We begin with an hour of Adoration and then we have a check-in and sharing of one significant issue in our lives that we are working on. I look forward to the meetings but not the drive in the car:) Friday traffic is awful around the Tacoma/Olympia area. We usually go out for dinner, so maybe I'll miss some of it. I sure pity all of the people who have long commutes each day. Someone in our parish sent me an email describing a powerful encounter with the Lord during and after Adoration. I very much enjoy hearing people's Eucharistic encounters with the Lord and I really believe as society moves further away from God, there will be special graces for those who believe. Have a blessed weekend!