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Praying For Our Parents

I just got back from a School Commission meeting. It was a bit lengthy but many important items were discussed and it was definitely a good use of our time. One of the parents expressed the fact that because of her work and commitments she wasn't able to be home with her son to help him with his homework. I heard her say she didn't feel like she was being a good mom. Another mom responded by hugging her and saying that wasn't true and that she needed some encouragement.  On the long trek back to the rectory (I'm being sarcastic!) I thought about all the difficulties moms and dads face each day. It must be incredibly challenging to be a mom or dad. Moms and dads are stewards of their children and while they ultimately belong to the Lord, a mom and dad have such power and influence over their children. This must be a great joy and a great challenge.  The other day I was eating in a restaurant and watching a young family with two small children. The dad was ge

Homily Posted

I have posted the homily from the Youth Mass last Sunday. It was my intention to try and do a re-record from home, but I simply haven't had the time. You can go to my Podcast page and listen to the homily by clicking here.

Great Article from Archbishop Sartain on Vocations

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