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Faithful Friends

Great reflection today from the Word Among Us: “A faithful friend is beyond price, no sum can balance his worth.” (Sirach 6:15) Several years ago, sociologists at Duke University published a study on isolation in America. The study found that over the past two decades, Americans’ circle of close friends has shrunk dramatically. Twice as many people report that they have no one with whom they can share important matters. How sad that so many people feel all alone! Unfortunately, it seems as if modern life keeps us from being too committed to one another. Between busy schedules, changing obligations, and fast-paced lives, we can allow ourselves to drift away from one another. It seems that we all want to have and to be faithful friends, but we find it very challenging! Sirach describes the kind of friend we all want to have—one who sticks by us no matter what. In good times and bad, through ups and downs, a true friend remains faithful. It’s no accident, either, that this quali