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Cruises, Consolations, and Holy Indifference

(At last a blog entry! It’s been a long time since my last one! Guess I’d better make this one a little longer.) It was extremely hot and humid on Thursday for our trip to Vanuatu. We proceeded to a lush area with lots of vegetation and I watched in horror as about ten mosquitoes landed on the calf of the woman in front of me. I quickly brought this to the attention of my mom who wisely brought two insect repellant wipes. She handed me one and we rubbed them all over our open skin and walked away unbitten. Thank you Lord! (We were warned about the Zika virus on several occasions from Holland America.) Vanuatu is a very small and poor country but the people are very friendly. It was fascinating to watch people climb up the coconut trees to gather coconuts, a staple food for them. My mom and dad visited Christmas Island several years ago for a fishing trip. My mom was telling me how big of a problem diabetes was for the natives because of the massive amounts of coconuts the peop