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Looney Tunes

When I was a kid I used to love to watch Looney Tunes. I couldn't believe it when I found out that one man did all of the voices for the characters. Mel Blanc was a  genius! Below is part of an episode with Bugs Bunny, Witch Hazel, and Hansel & Gretel. It hilarious how Hansel & Gretel are portrayed with their German accent and all. Make sure to catch their last line to Witch Hazel. Funny stuff in my humble opinion.

My short Twitter Experience

I signed up a Twitter account a few days ago. My primary motivation was that Pope Benedict XVI had just announced that he has a Twitter account. So, I bought a Twitter plug-in for my website and had a total of about 4 Tweets. I then decided I didn't want to waste the menu space and that I really have no desire at this point to enter the flock of Twitters. Maybe that will change in the future - who knows! On another "note" I see that iTunes got a huge makeover with their latest update. I like the look and feel of it and it makes looking for music a lot easier. My mom and dad were here on Monday and part of Tuesday. I picked them up at the airport on Monday afternoon from their 3 week excursion to India. They enjoyed the experience but both sad it was nice to be home. Have a blessed day!