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Presider's Schedule/Website Changes

Some people have been asking me what happened to the Presider's Schedule link on my website. I deleted it. With the announcement this weekend that Fr. Roger is stepping back from helping at St. Brendan parish, there really is no need to publish a Presider's schedule. I may put a calendar up with the Daily Mass schedule since there are often mistakes in the bulletin and confusion around that. But outside of my vacation time or extra duties which would take me away from the parish, I am going to be the only priest serving at St. Brendan parish. I am working on some changes with the website. I am now the proud owner of a Mac Mini:) My Mac Pro has been an amazing workhorse for nearly seven years. I haven't had a single problem with it. It is no longer compatible with the newest operating system for Mac and sooner or later I am going to run into problems with my music software. I believe there is going to be a significant update for the Mac Pro in 2013, but I can't see she