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Today my Grandpa, Robert Martinson, would have turned 101 years old. He died in 2009. He was a great and gentle man who brought much joy to his family. He is missed terribly.  Today, 19 years ago, our family was devastated when my little niece was snatched away not having even reached 3 months old. That was such a sad event for our family and especially my brother and sister-in-law. This was one of those events that remind you that God doesn't always shield us from hardship and suffering but offers us a helping hand to try and make sense out of such difficult events. I remember well the love and support of so many people who attended the funeral to offer their condolences and support. Still, a day hasn't gone by since this event that I haven't remembered to pray for parents who have lost children. I guess this is one small way for me to try and put into practice a line from the Catechism of the Catholic Church I quoted last weekend during my homily It is