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Pastor's Column (November 14, 2013)

A Lesson on Fence Building During one of my summers while home from college I worked for a real estate company in landscape maintenance. A friend of mine was the manager and I had told her I had a hard time finding a job for the summer. She graciously offered to put me to work for her company. While I was excited about the pay, which was pretty good, the idea of spending much of the summer working outside wasn’t too appealing. The thermometer usually stays pretty high in the Tri-Cities, Washington during the summer months, and I’ve never been that fond of “outdoor” work. Nonetheless, I was desperate for money for my college expenses so I took the job. That summer I found myself doing a variety of things to fix-up and maintain properties. My favorite job was painting since that usually allowed me to be in an air-conditioned climate. My least favorite work was weeding and mowing lawns. One day while working at an apartment complex, the manager there asked m

"According To Father" Question on Judas Iscariot

Below is the video answer to one of the question a young adult asked for the "According to Father" series from the Archdiocese of Seattle.