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LIsten to my friend, Matt Beck, on his new book Catholic Dad -Coaching Your Family

Just listened to a program on Catholic Radio with my good friend from college, Matt Beck, about his book Catholic Dad - Coaching Your Family. Here is a link to the program. Here is a link to Amazon with his booklet.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I have prepared a brief message for the Thanksgiving Holiday. You can view it by clicking here. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving St. Brendan Style

I would love to be home with my family, but because of the scheduling, that won't work out for this year. My folks wouldn't be able to join us either so it would be a little strange without them. I am still looking forward to Thanksgiving and I will be joining other parishioners tomorrow in providing a delicious Thanksgiving Day meal for all those who are struggling or might not have anywhere to go. I just bought a turkey, roasting pan and oven bags. I've never cooked one before but it doesn't seem too complicated. The only thing I was trying to figure out is if people use any special seasonings on the turkey. It seems to me (if my memory is correct) my mom just stuffed the turkey and put it into the oven. I don't remember her seasoning it. I didn't get a Butterball, but I know they are loaded with delicious tasting chemicals! :) Some people don't like all the Christmas music that usually follows Thanksgiving. I understand it may be a reaction to all of the

New Blog

Dear Friends, I will no longer be using WordPress for my blog hosting. I have changed to Blogger as I found a plug-in that will make it easier for me to post blogs and to integrate the blogs into my website. My new blog address is: Have a blessed day!