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Pope Benedict's Last Words To The Priests of Rome

Today Pope Benedict XVI addressed the priests of Rome for the last time. He surprised everyone and spoke without notes for around 40 minutes about his experience of the Second Vatican Council. His concluding remarks are the most interesting. In these remarks he talks about the real Second Vatican Council of the Bishops of the Church and the "false" Council of the Media. The media can and will never understand the meaning and purpose of the Catholic Church because they operate outside of faith and the real meaning of Vatican II can only be realized and understood through those members of the Church who hold on to the deposit of faith and strive to live their lives faithfully for the Lord Jesus Christ. While the "Council of the Media" was much more powerful and way more widely accepted by people, it is falling apart and the real reforms of Vatican II are only slowly and painfully being realized by those who stay in the Church and continue to suffer through all of