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The Power of Affirmation

Wednesdays are always particularly busy for me since I have part of Mondays and all of Tuesday off. I guess you could say Wednesday is probably more like my "Monday." I get into the office pretty early on Wednesday and because it is such a long day, I try and take a few hours off in the afternoon to recharge before the Spanish Mass and Prayer Meeting. Tonight's Prayer Meeting was powerful. Someone in the group, whom I had not met, acknowledged a serious bout with depression. People gathered around this person and began to lift him up in prayer with beautiful words of encouragement and even a personal testimony from another person who has struggled with the same problem. During the weekend Masses, only a small handful of people stick around to share fellowship with one another. The vast majority of Catholics never step outside of their comfort zone and make it an aim to connect with another person and show an interest in him/her. My whole posting on Facebook on Sunda

Great Reflection From Yesterday's Magnificat

Yesterday's meditation from the Magnificat was outstanding, especially as we gathered on the 40th anniversary of the tragic decision from the Supreme Court, Roe vs. Wade. Here it is: Yes, there is much evil, much meanness in the world, and the great error of socialists and other reformers is to imagine that through violence, through the theories they develop, humanity will discover how to regenerate itself and enter into an era of endless happiness. These fine illusions last a long time; then comes the time of disillusionment and of discouragement when one becomes pessimistic and gives up. This is all because the point of departure is false. Besides, since others as well as you have said, even the sincere exploit the situation. Even among the sincere there is often such arrogance, such a desire to play a role, to be the leader, a subtle form of pride among the refined. My dear friend, I am starting from a different point of view. I am persuaded that evil and suffer