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Blast From The Past (Bambi Is Safe)

I somehow stumbled across my old blog which was with Wordpress. There are over 10 years of entries! I had no idea they don't erase everything when your account becomes inactive. I can remember some of the entries very well. [Some of them are kind of funny because there are many resolutions about obtaining a healthier and more balanced lifestyle that somehow never materialized. That old adage about the "spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" (cf. Matthew 26:41) certainly comes to mind.] Below I have pasted one entry from October in 2012 from a deer hunting trip we made to Tonasket. I remember well my dad overdoing it with pizza and beer the night before and having reflux. He woke up on Sunday morning declaring, "I'm not going with you. I didn't sleep well last night. You're on your own." So Joe and I stormed off in search of deer. All we stumbled across was a herd of cows. That ended up being the last time I went hunting with my dad and brother.