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Operation Rotator Cuff

I have suspected for sometime that a previous surgery I had to fix a torn rotator cuff had come undone based on pain and other symptoms I have been experiencing for the past year. I had an MRI/Arthrogram a couple of weeks ago, and went over the results with a surgeon on Thursday. He went to the images from the procedure and highlighted a torn rotator cuff. (Darn! I hate being right about some things!) He seemed surprised when he outlined the procedure and recovery that I did n't have more questions. I just told him I have done this before and wasn't looking forward to it. I will have to have another operation in a week and a half to fix this problem. Unfortunately, the recovery is exactly the same with the arm being immobile for six weeks in a sling and sleeping in a chair during that time period. This particular surgeon said he would probably start physical therapy earlier than the last one did. I suspected this operation was up and coming so while I was in Chi