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Happy Easter!

First off, Happy Easter! The last few weeks have been incredibly busy. I haven't had much time to think about a blog entry because of the pace of parish life, but now that Easter has arrived things aren't quite so hectic. (Knock on wood!) A lot of priests take the week after Easter off to recharge. I am taking the second week of Easter off and will reconnect with some friends from the seminary. It will be good to have some down time and I am looking forward to my departure on Sunday evening.  I had a good visit with my brother and his family the week before Holy Week. We did a number of tourist things, including Ride The Ducks in Seattle. It was a little cold and I sure appreciated the blankets they provided as we zipped around Seattle with the windows (or plastic shades) down. I have always been fascinated by amphibious vehicles and remember one in Richland that would cross the Columbia river before they built a bridge. We also visited the zoo and I bought a membership and