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Pope Francis Teaches about Charisms

I just read Pope Francis' last Wednesday audience presentation. It is on charisms and how they must be welcomed and exercised within the Church. This is a very important topic that is always in need of sound teaching.  Below you will find Pope Francis' inspiring teaching.  Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good Morning, From the beginning, the Lord filled the Church with the gifts of His Spirit, thus rendering her always alive and fruitful. Distinguished among these gifts are some that are particularly precious for the building and journey of the Christian community: they are the charisms. In this catechesis, we want to ask ourselves: what, exactly, is a charism? How can we recognize it and receive it? And, above all, the fact that in the Church there is a diversity and multiplicity of charisms, is this seeing positively, as something good, or rather as a problem? In ordinary language, when there is talk of a “charism,” it is often understood as a talent, as a natural abili