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Pastor's Note For February 28,2013

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I went home briefly to eat lunch and caught the final coverage of Pope Benedict XVI as he said goodbye to the faithful gathered in the square at Castel Gondolfo. I had the privilege of gathering below him in that very same square nearly three years ago to listen to a beautiful message which was particularly addressed to Catholics who weren't practicing their faith. I wish the tour guide leader we had in Siena had been there. We had a discussion about the state of Italy where sadly a great number of Italians no longer practice their faith. Here is an excerpt from Benedict's message that day. Again, in Confessions, in the ninth book, our Saint records a conversation with his mother, St Monica, whose Memorial is celebrated on Friday, the day after tomorrow. It is a very beautiful scene: he and his mother are at Ostia, at an inn, and from the window they see the sky and the sea, and they transcend the sky and the sea and for a moment touch God&