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The Pastor's Corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I will begin a three year program called  Good Leaders/Good Shepherds  at the end of this month. This program will help me become a better leader and pastor. I have heard from other priests who just completed the program that they acquired very helpful skills and tools to help them in parish ministry. I am really looking forward to the program.  One of my personal goals is to do a better job communicating with the parish leadership and community. It is a real challenge with the busy demands of meetings and appointments to find time to just share a reflection or thought or just thank people for their faith and dedication to the Lord. After some thought and prayer I have decided to start  The Pastor's Corner . I will make a weekly video broadcast and podcast to help provide a weekly forum to communicate with the parish and school. I am going to find a corner in one of the rooms in the rectory and set up my little recording studio. I will t

New Website Theme

I have been busy rebuilding my personal website and adding new pages. The new theme I purchased is responsive to tablets and smart phones and much easier to navigate. You can check it out by clicking here. 

Excellent Column On The Church & Disturbing Trends With Our Government

Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago, has written an excellent article on the disturbing trends in our country that are eroding our religious freedom. Please pray for him as he is critically ill with cancer and has cancelled his visit to Rome to meet with Pope Francis. I read that he is undergoing an experimental chemotherapy. Here is a link to his article.