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Back Home Again!

I arrived home last evening and got my bags into my bedroom and then crashed until 1AM. I then got up unpacked, went to the office, went shopping, and then prepared for Daily Mass. I'm not exactly sure when I will "run out of gas" but it is great to be home after a good visit with Fr. Johnnie and his parish. I will have more to report on in the days ahead. I did not have any internet access while I was away and the only means of communication was with my Delorme InReach device. This enabled me to provide very brief (160 characters or less) posts to Facebook. I did take notes and journal a bit and while this visit was very different than my first one in 2008, I have no doubt a good foundation has been laid out to help us progress in forming a sister-parish relationship. I met a gentleman on the plane ride from London to Seattle who was from Holy Family Parish in Kirkland. I noticed he was reading a piece of Catholic literature and asked him if he was a Catholic. He has