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ZENIT - Study: Children of Divorce Less Likely to Practice Religion

ZENIT - Study: Children of Divorce Less Likely to Practice Religion

Pope Benedict XVI's Response to A Question on Secularism & America

 The Holy Father is asked to give his assessment of the challenge of increasing secularism in public life and relativism in intellectual life, and his advice on how to confront these challenges pastorally and evangelize more effectively. I touched upon this theme briefly in my address. It strikes me as significant that here in America, unlike many places in Europe, the secular mentality has not been intrinsically opposed to religion. Within the context of the separation of Church and State, American society has always been marked by a fundamental respect for religion and its public role, and, if polls are to be believed, the American people are deeply religious. But it is not enough to count on this traditional religiosity and go about business as usual, even as its foundations are being slowly undermined. A serious commitment to evangelization cannot prescind from a profound diagnosis of the real challenges the Gospel encounters in contemporary American culture. Of course, wha

Great Article on Why It Is Hard For Us To Apologize

A friend on Facebook found this great article on why it is so difficult for us to admit when we are wrong. Great words of we just ask for the grace to put it into action.