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Great Wisdom from The Imitation of Christ

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A  Kempis is timeless spiritual classic that has been a great help to many Christian men and women. I discovered this treasure when I was first ordained a priest and it has helped me through difficult times and has been a cherished source of encouragement for me. Here is one chapter that covers a topic of great importance about having a purity of mind and unity of purpose. A MAN is raised up from the earth by two wings—simplicity and purity. There must be simplicity in his intention and purity in his desires. Simplicity leads to God, purity embraces and enjoys Him. If your heart is free from ill-ordered affection, no good deed will be difficult for you. If you aim at and seek after nothing but the pleasure of God and the welfare of your neighbor, you will enjoy freedom within. If your heart were right, then every created thing would be a mirror of life for you and a book of holy teaching, for there is no creature so small and worthless that