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Priest Days

I enjoyed a great Priest Days this year and was very impressed with the speakers and the topic for the event. It was incredibly relevant to the challenges and joys of parish ministry and I feel like I walked away with a greater understanding of what needs to change in order to help people enter into a deeper relationship with the Lord and sense of ownership within the parish. Now comes the time for prayer and practical implementation. The book that was referenced during the talks, Forming Intentional Disciples , by Sherry Weddell, works very well with another popular book which focuses on the renewal of the parish. That book is Rebuilt, by Michael White and Tom Corcoran. I came home Thursday afternoon and wasn't feeling well. I picked up some kind of 24 hour bug but took it easy on Friday and I'm feeling much better. I have a busy day ahead but it was nice to get a little break after Mass this morning. I have a total of 4 Masses today. I leave Monday afternoon for a brief t