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Daily Thought Update

I have changed the format for the Daily Thought and will be posting those through a new blog. The page will appear on the website as an external page, so it looks a little different. The good thing is I can update the Daily Thought from anywhere and have it updated on the website. This will be very handy when I travel.

Podcast & Lenten Resources Available

I have published the Podcast for the 1st Sunday of Lent. I also have provided an additional "After The Homily" teaching on temptation. Click here for the podcast. Click here for the Lenten Resource section of my website. I leave Thursday for the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim. I am looking forward to seeing an old friend from college and numerous people I went to seminary with. The event draws a crowd of nearly 40,000 people. The weather report said it was going to be 88 degrees on Sunday. Wow! Hope your Lent is off to a good start. Mine is!