Blast From The Past (Bambi Is Safe)

I somehow stumbled across my old blog which was with Wordpress. There are over 10 years of entries! I had no idea they don't erase everything when your account becomes inactive. I can remember some of the entries very well. [Some of them are kind of funny because there are many resolutions about obtaining a healthier and more balanced lifestyle that somehow never materialized. That old adage about the "spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" (cf. Matthew 26:41) certainly comes to mind.]

Below I have pasted one entry from October in 2012 from a deer hunting trip we made to Tonasket. I remember well my dad overdoing it with pizza and beer the night before and having reflux. He woke up on Sunday morning declaring, "I'm not going with you. I didn't sleep well last night. You're on your own." So Joe and I stormed off in search of deer. All we stumbled across was a herd of cows. That ended up being the last time I went hunting with my dad and brother. 

I followed Joe and my dad back to Richland and spent a couple of days there before heading back to Bothell. On the way home my brother texted me saying that my dad was telling him all about his fishing and hunting adventures. He texted saying, "I'm pretending I'm interested." 😁 

Here is the entry: 

Bambi Is Safe From The Northrop Family

We arrived in Richland yesterday after an unsuccessful hunting trip. My brother sent me a report from the Washington State Department of Wildlife indicating this should be a record year with the deer counts of bucks being higher than many years past. We actually didn’t see that many deer and wondered how accurate the report was. It looks like those who were praying for Bambi won out this year.🙂
It was still fun to have a few days with my dad and brother. My dad brought his new boat up to fish on Lake Bonaparte. The fishing was really slow but I sure like the new boat. I found a picture online although my dad’s boat is black and silver.

I decided to take the North Cascades Hwy to get to Tonaskat which was 20 miles below our camp area. That was my first trip and it was very scenic. I had brought my camera to take pictures along the way but because I was three and a half hours late I didn’t take any. I’ll have to travel that way again sometime soon.
On the way home we did stop at Dry Falls and took a few pictures.
My new Iphone 5 has a panorama feature which allows you to move in a circle and it stitches the photos together. Here is one shot with my brother Joe.
Lastly, we ate at the lodge a couple of times and I really liked the nature photographs that were hanging on the wall. The first day, the artist who took the pictures stopped in. His name is James T. Jones and he is from Stanwood, WA. I ended up buying a neat picture of a cougar Mr. Jones photographed to hang in my office. James’ website is The photo below is a little blurry because the photograph is in glass and I didn’t want to take it out.


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