It was a busy but good weekend. It's hard to believe Advent starts next weekend. 

I will be away conducting a retreat for men and women at the Alexander J. Brunett retreat center at the Palisades next weekend. I will spend the next two days finalizing the talks and burning resource CD's for participants. I will post the presentations online as usual and this time I am going to create audio recordings of all the talks. I will be incorporating more music this year in the presentations.

Later today I will record a podcast of some reflections from yesterday's readings. Our newly ordained deacon, José Blakely, delivered a great homily during all of the Masses. I would still like to share a few thoughts especially since Christ the King was a very important day for me growing up within Christ the King parish in Richland. 

I will send out the Daily Thought in a few minutes. I missed yesterday because it was so busy. 

Have a great week!


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