Everything Should Be Working

I think I have everything working now with the new blog and subscribing for updates. There is a subscribe by email widget on the side of this post. Fill that out and validate it.

Unlike WordPress, Blogger will only send notifications out in a two hour  period each day. I have chosen for the notifications to go out every morning from 7AM-9AM. This is a little more restrictive than the WordPress which sent out an email for each post that I blogged. Perhaps this is a safety feature for me to avoid what happened a couple of weeks ago when I blogged about something and wanted to erase it! It was too late! (Kind of like Ray Stevens' song The Streak with Ethel in the fruits and vegetables section...not sure any of you will remember this, but what the heck!)

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed which would be updated with every post. But you need a reader or other program to use that.

Have a great day!


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