Mormon Missionaries, Apple Logic X, Better Living Through Chemistry

I had a respectful and interesting visit with three young Mormon missionaries yesterday. They arrived shortly after 2PM and we continued our discussion which was started on last Saturday. I asked them numerous questions and raised my objections to some of the beliefs Mormons hold. They too had some questions for me. I doubt we'll ever interact again since I didn't show an interest in further exploration of the Mormon faith. I hope I gave them a few things to think about. They weren't too familiar with Catholic beliefs and practices.

While I was away in Tofino fishing, I saw that the program I use to produce musical CD's received a major upgrade. I am by no means an expert in recording production and wish I had the time and resources to receive more training. I began my journey with home audio recording with an industry standard many studios use called Pro Tools. I then switched to the Apple Logic Studio program which runs only on Apple computers.  I have been a die-hard fan ever since! It's an amazing piece of software and I haven't even begun to touch the tip of the iceberg as far as unleashing all of its potential. The last major upgrade to Logic was in 2009, and I coughed up the $500 for the upgrade.  Rumors where circulating in some circles that Apple was not going to work on any more updates. Fortunately, those rumors were false. I exercised a small amount of self-control and waited until this evening to purchase version X which set me back another $200. The reviews are all positive and glowing and while I will have to learn some new features it should be a great help in allowing me to finish the current project I am working on.

I haven't been sleeping well this week because of a missing prescription that I think rolled out of a bag when I was unpacking last week from our trip to Tofino. I wonder if there is a maximum number of requests one can make to St. Antony for intercession on lost items. I have been one of his best "customers" over the past few months:(

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