Farewell To Tofino

Fishing has been pretty slow with regards to salmon and halibut. We will go out one last time tomorrow and try and pick up some halibut. We caught a nice collection of bottom fish today.

This is our final trip to Tofino. My dad has said this in years past but we both agreed on this being our last time to come here. It's become quite the tourist trap and the fishing just isn't what it used to be. We may explore fishing out of Victoria or somewhere else. My brother commented that people are catching salmon in the Columbia river. My dad commented, "who wants to go fishing in a 106 degree heat for salmon?" I think I might like to:) You can always jump in the river to cool off or invest in a large umbrella.

It's still been a good trip and the weather has been great.

We will leave early Friday morning for Bothell. I will have to share a great blessing the Lord provided for me last week. God is very good to me!

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