One Missing Piece of Equipment

I am currently at the Palisades for our Good Leaders/Good Shepherds program. Things are going very well and we are learning a lot about different leadership styles.  We are getting a lot of resources and I am glad our Archdiocese offers this class. It should be very helpful.

I brought all of my video equipment with me in the hopes of taping my first Pastor's Corner and posting it this evening. I got everything set-up only to find that the foot that holds the video camera and teleprompter in its place on the tripod is missing. It must be on my camera which I was using this past summer. I thought for sure I saw it attached to the bottom of the video camera but I must have been hallucinating. I will have to wait until tomorrow evening after the Pastoral Council to get it done.

Fr. Ron Knudsen, our new parochial vicar, is moving into the rectory as I post this entry. Unfortunately, he has gotten called away to help in a parish where there was no one to cover, so I will have all of the Masses this weekend. As I stated earlier it will sure be nice to have another priest to help out in the parish. 

It's time to return from our lunch break and see how well we did on some case studies. One of our cases was to try and figure out what leadership type Pope Francis uses. Our presenter from Pittsburg, a Harley Davidson priest, has studied him a lot and makes a pretty convincing argument about how he is able to be more of himself in his role as the Pope and that photos now show him smiling more whereas the ones from his time in Argentina show him looking far more serious. I remember the one where he was riding the subway. He looked very serious, but then again, how many people smile while riding armpit to armpit on a subway. :)

Have a blessed day!

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