Time To Get Ready!

Just read this article and posted it on Facebook with the following introduction: 

Lot's of food for thought here......These kinds of messages must always be subjected to careful prayer and discernment (1 Thessalonians 5:20-22) but the focus on helping people engage in the midst of the difficulties rather than hunker down and be fearful or selfish is impressive. God is still holding out a hand of salvation to the world...anyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ should be very excited about the upcoming opportunities to lead people to Him. Wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit are going to be lavished on humble and ready souls. Let's all pray for the ability to say "Here I Am Lord" Some of us (present company especially included!) need a little "coal" purification like Isaiah (cf. Isaiah 6:4-7) but if we keep our eyes on the high-prize calling of life in Christ Jesus (cf. Philippians 3:14) we will always be a people of hope. I am very excited about our upcoming Parish Retreat and getting people equipped with all the heavenly gifts so that they can take their place. These are exciting times! I am already seeing people return to their faith and the Lord during Reconciliation and dealing with areas of their life that were not Spirit-filled. The best part of the article is to bloom where we are planted. How can we help family members and those around us discover the joy of knowing Christ and Life in the Spirit. That's why I turned off the debate the other night. Politicians promise this and that.....they can't bring salvation or turn our hearts back to God. Time for the Church, which many of them are trying to suppress, to stand up and be counted. May the Holy Spirit anoint all believers with a spirit of love and boldness like the world has never seen!!

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