Thank You Fr. Calloway

We had a great time with Fr. Donald Calloway on Sunday. His vocation is an incredible sign and reminder of how God desires that everyone come to a saving knowledge of the Truth no matter how far away they may seem. Our Blessed Mother pointed the way for him to have a powerful encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and I am convinced he is being used in a powerful way to help people come back to the Lord. In the little amount of time I had to visit with him, he shared some experiences in the parishes where he has visited that were quite disappointing. One of them involved the pastor standing up during his presentation and telling him to leave the parish. No doubt, Fr. Calloway is on the front lines and could really use our prayer and support.

I want to extend a special words of thanks to our committee who invited him to come (three years ago) and worked so hard to make everything possible. A special word of thanks also to Kathi Swarthout who was in the kitchen preparing all of the food for the potluck dinner and didn't have the opportunity to attend the talks.

In light of all the difficulties besetting Christians today, it was sure a shot in the arm to hear Fr. Calloway's testimony. As resistance to the Gospel grows in our world, and sadly, especially in our own country. We have to resist the temptation to withdraw and play it safe. We must allow ourselves to be sacrificed and broken open so others can come to know Christ. Difficult times are coming but so is an amazing outpouring of the Holy Spirit for those who are open to receive it. Our Blessed Mother leads the way with her beautiful words, "Be it done unto me according to thy word." (Luke 1:38)

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